Chasing the Light: Paul Spilsbury
Paul Spilsbury
City Illuminated: Min Young Kim
Min Young Kim
Through Your Lens: Creative Life
Creative Life
The Long Goodbye: Anton Dolfo-Smith
Anton Dolfo-Smith
Kaleidoscope: Kate Miller
Kate Miller
Lost and Found: Gillian McLean
Gillian McLean
Global Pandemic: Michelle Leone Huisman
Michelle Leone Huisman
Common: José Euzébio Costa Silveira
José Euzébio Costa Silveira
Meeting By Light: Jocelyn Worster
Jocelyn Worster
Digging Holes in November: Julia Soderholm
Julia Soderholm
Healing in Colour: In Partnership with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries
In Partnership with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries
Under the Sun: Davi Rabelo
Davi Rabelo
Pallay: Daniela Amestegui
Daniela Amestegui
A Retrospective: Mae Runions
Mae Runions
The Whale without Jonah: Douglas Coupland
Douglas Coupland
Art in Isolation: Various Artists
Various Artists