Digging Holes in November

Julia Soderholm

September 8–October 22, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, September 8 @ 5–8 pm


This collection of paintings represent the felt landscape of a city neighbourhood. Here, colour and shape interpret the growth and decay of the seasons, and the response these cycles evoke in me. These works come from a year of attending to the details of the land I live on, as I walked and watched the way the boulevard gardens, overgrown lots, and sidewalk weeds shifted week to week and month to month. The shapes, forms, and colours of the landscape served as the foundation for my mark-making and are an intuitive response to the world around me.

These paintings are a reminder that the earth is never quiet. Even on the shortest of November days, slow work is happening beneath the soil. The blossoms of May are a revelation every Spring, but little miracles are unfurling all year round, if you know where to look for them.

Julia Soderholm was born in Ontario, and attended Redeemer University, receiving a BA in art in 2013. She also holds a B.Ed from UBC with a focus in art education. Now based in Vancouver, her work has been included in various exhibitions across Canada. Julia is a full time art teacher in Vancouver, where she has spent the past few years designing and implementing a K-7 Visual Art program.