Visiting the Gallery

While the Schindell Gallery remains closed to drop-in visitors, we are delighted to announce that guided tours will be available beginning April 21, 2021. Up to three individuals may visit at a time. All visits to the gallery must be booked in advance.

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Current Exhibition

Under the Sun: Types and Shadows in a Biblical and Brazilian Perspective
Davi Rabelo

An integrative project in Christianity and the arts running April 21–May 3, 2021. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

Healing in Colour
May 5–June 11, 2021
Various Artists

Healing in Colour explores the intersection of race, faith, and mental health. Featuring Black, Indigenous, and peoples of colour artists from around the world, the show highlights their experiences, wounds, and journeys of healing. The collection includes a variety of mediums, from linocut to dance to acrylic. 

This exhibition is held in partnership with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries.