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A Retrospective by Mae Runions
Mae Runions

Mae Runions shares about her art and her faith whilst looking back over thirty years of work.

Between Chaos & Beauty: Troy Terpstra by Troy Terpstra
Troy Terpstra

Born out of our experience with Iwan Russell-Jones and Regent College, this video sets out to explore the connection between faith and art and how it influences how we create and live in the world. "Between Chaos and Beauty" is a short reflection on Troy Terpstra's work and the intertwining of faith and artmaking by Filipe Amado and Davi Rabelo.

From Rags to Riches by Kate Miller
Kate Miller

Kate discusses the subversive act of cutting and remaking her wedding dress in the transformative craft of quilt making.

Movements in the Dwindling of Time by Dan Law
Dan Law

In this film by Filipe Amado, artist Dan Law examines the beauty of our fragile condition.

How to Become an Artist in 100 Days by Kate Miller
Kate Miller

"Accidental" artist Kate Miller takes on an Instagram challenge and in the process discovers an old form of artistic expression.