Meeting By Light

Jocelyn Worster

October 27–November 14, 2021

Artist Statement

"Photography is often considered in terms of its technical process and finished product, the image. This project, by contrast, seeks to explore its creation: the process of “hosting” light—the visible world in this present moment—within my camera as in my eye; the process and gift of attention. Across twelve months of photographing in everyday neighbourhood settings—shoreline, forest, gardens, and home—I engaged in photography with an open and conversational attention, showing up with anticipation and offering space to that which I encountered. As I hosted Creation, I hosted the Creator’s presence—and found myself wondrously hosted in turn.

Photography, inherently bridging human seeing and creative expression, by its nature requires a meeting. And the photographs of this show arose from such meetings, breath-held or ecstatic with delight, meetings on holy ground. I encountered nature whispering and resplendent, invitational and quietly responsive; I was called to listen and to wonder and to play. These photographs, the resultant images, tell a story of meetings: meetings by light visible; meetings by and in and with Light, transcendent."

Jocelyn Worster grew up in Victoria, BC, then studied at Queen’s University, Kingston, where she earned a BA in English Literature. During years on the east coast, living in L’Arche communities, she most recently led L’Arche Saint John to establish Creative Connections, an uptown art centre for art collaboration. She has been living in Vancouver since 2019, studying at Regent College and deepening her delight in nature; she is completing the MATS with an Integrative Project in the Arts and Theology.