The Long Goodbye

Anton Dolfo-Smith

June 17–July 9, 2022
The Long Goodbye reflects the last seven years of journeying with my dad through dementia. The paintings represent my own attempts to understand both what I was witnessing and experiencing, and to accept the gradual yet excruciating loss that came with saying goodbye to my father. Each section of this exhibit reflects my attempt to understand a different stage of my father’s dementia. These paintings reflect literal aspects of him, such as excerpts from his sermons and imagery from beloved artists, alongside the more esoteric colours, shapes, and patterns that characterize my memory and experience of my father.

The Opening Reception for The Long Goodbye is June 17th, 2022 at 6pm at the Dal Schindell Gallery.

The Artist Talk with Anton Dolfo-Smith is July 7th at 6pm at the Dal Schindell Gallery.

Anton Dolfo-Smith is a Vancouver-based artist who first moved to Canada in 1989 to attend Regent College. Although he had been painting for many years prior, he fell in love with painting when he threw away his paintbrushes and instead relied upon his hands and a twig. His work is informed by the bright colours of his childhood and visual interpretations of the turmoil underlying Apartheid-era South Africa and also by his professional background in architectural design. His work has been exhibited around the globe. Anton and his wife Mardi have four adult children and currently live in the Vancouver area.