Friedrich Peter

Friedrich Peter was born in Germany. After an apprenticeship in graphic arts in East Germany, he studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in West Berlin from 1950 to 1957. He married and came to Canada in 1957, settling and raising a family in Vancouver. He has taught at The Vancouver School of Art, The Vancouver College of Art, and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Throughout his long teaching career, Peter pursued his own diverse work, including painting, book illustration, calligraphy, and design (coins, medals, postage stamps, banners, and murals). Award-winning typeface designs (including Vivaldi) have brought him international recognition. He has sustained a continuing interest in the intersection of painting, calligraphy, and computer graphics. The discovery of the spiritual dimension of life has shaped him, and his work reflects the liberating experience of faith, hope, and joy in the freedom to create.

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