Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open to artists who are sympathetic to the Dal Schindell Gallery’s mandate. We value artwork that stimulates thought and reflection on the beauty and complexity of the world and on fundamental questions of meaning and identity. We aim to foster dialogue and discussion about our shared humanity with those of other faiths and of none.

Gallery Steering Committee

The Gallery Steering Committee meets four times a year to consider artists’ work. You can submit your portfolio at any point throughout the year, and your portfolio will automatically be brought to the next Steering Committee meeting.

Current Members:

  • Ali Cumming (Arts Administrator & Gallery Curator)
  • Iwan Russell-Jones (Arts Chair)
  • Dal Schindell (Gallery Founder) 
  • Craig Gay (Faculty Member)
  • Rikk Watts (Faculty Member)
  • Lookout Gallery Student Employee / Visual Arts Student


Your portfolio should include the following information:

  • Biography
  • Headshot 
  • Artist statement
  • Images of your artwork
  • Full cv including list of previous exhibitions & education/training
  • Contact details

Please submit your portfolio using the webform below. If the information listed above is on your website or blog, please enter the link on the form. If you don't have a website, please compile all the pieces of your submission into one PowerPoint presentation and attach the PPT file to the webform. A webform or email with multiple attachments will not be considered.