WL Hibberd

Winter Aesthetic

January 13–February 4, 2016

WL Hibberd searches for beauty in the light, form, and colour of winter's landscape. He explores oil painting both en plein-air and inside the studio, working on panel, linen, and metal leaf substrates.

Artist Statement:

This collection of winter paintings was realized over a number of years from 2007 to the present.  Over that period I have moved through a variety of processes, media, and ability (hopefully).  The earlier work was done on location outdoors (en plein-air) in sometimes extremely cold conditions.  The joy of painting from life was tempered with a respect for working in close proximity to large carnivorous wildlife.  I transitioned to a process of beginning my work outdoors and then moving into the studio for finish.  My latest work is built on gold or silver leaf and oil paint.  The light shines through transparent passages and reflects off of the leaf, creating a cohesive and dynamic inner glow.  The precious metal underlay represents a unity of sacredness in all things; thereby the medium is the message.