Maria Gaudin

Life among the Deadwood: Embodying Grief through Visual Lament

March 30–May 6, 2016

Artist Statement

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest landscape, this artwork visually represents my cultural and theological understanding and observations about the process of grieving, and the hope of rebirth both in nature and in human life.

In this visual lament, my art embodies my grief journey, giving me a language through which I can articulate my full physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional response to its encompassing experience.  Images, colours, shades, and physical gestures used in the creation process could more fully express what my words could not.

Through this project, I am inviting others in our community to be vulnerable and share their own grief stories as a way to give understanding and insight to those who wish to support and journey with us.

Artist Bio

Maria Gaudin graduated with a BFA in Photography and Printmaking from Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB. She is currently completing an MA in Theological Studies, in the Christianity and the Arts concentration, at Regent College. Maria’s current multidisciplinary work focuses on themes of death and decay in nature and in human life, using mixed media and wood to create sculptural installation pieces. She works in a partially abstract style in order to give the viewer something familiar to grasp onto, while also leaving space for contemplation on the mystery of an abstract work of art.