Richard Tetrault

Richard Tetrault’s paintings, prints, and murals explore life within the contemporary urban landscape. Based in East Vancouver, Tetrault has exhibited extensively both locally and internationally. His woodcuts, linocuts, monotypes, and acrylics are multifaceted investigations examining the artist’s place in the context of community, the street, and the industrial environment. Tetrault’s public murals—whether solo projects, residencies, or international collaborations—delve into contemporary issues, mythologies, and events. Recent international projects include collaborations with muralists from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and other parts of Canada. In particular, he works as a member of the Canadian-based organization La Raza Artists. Along with his partner Esther Rausenberg, Tetrault is a founding member of the Vancouver-based Creative Cultural Collaborations Society, an organization dedicated to creative projects in a range of media.

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